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16 ATC


We offer ATC, automatic warehousing, AB axes, and CNC rotational tables for non-stop processing. Users can add electrodes during operation. After exchanging electrodes, the system accurately positions them based on remaining length. It compensates for different eye membranes and automatically chooses the corresponding pipe electrode.



The 5GAC makes the entire process more smooth and reliable.

Electrode Auxiliary Support Device


Due to the allocation of the electrode auxiliary support device, the operation could be more stable.

High Rigidity Mechanical Bad Base

With the rigid base both cutting and movements are ensured further.

Speed Programming Spindle


The Speed Programming Spindle could be controlled through an easy-to-learn and user-friendly program, which allows for more precise processing with the HD800C Small Hole EDM machine.

Touch Probe System


The strength of the touch probe system is critical to precise EDM machining. EDM is capable of achieving high precision and can be used for small and complex machining. To achieve higher machining quality, we use a Touch Probe System for precise inspection and measurement before and after machining to ensure the stability of the machining quality.

CNC Controller

For automatic production lines, EXCETEK utilizes robotic arms and feeding shelf systems so that the controller can be arranged by programs, making automation even more intensive. We help users process workpieces with complicated profiles without intermittent stops for preparation. Such a valuable technological arrangement brings high business value to our customers.

AB Axis Rotary Table


With the AB axes the machining capacity is enlarged so that work pieces can be processed in a much more versatile way.

Semi Submerged Work Table


For our HD series, its structure is designed with high rigidity and the tool changes are 8/16 AEC and 5AGC exchange eye-membrane electrode guides. Users can select shallow immersion modes to smooth the process. Two million Pluse AC servo motor makes everything even more assuring.

Filter Water Tank

It is necessary for all the machine tool models to be equipped with a filter water tank, especially for EDM machines. We have prepared an excellent filter water tank that can satisfy all the operation demands and requirements.

High Rigidity Mechanical Frame Structure


The machine body is designed with high rigidity moving columns, making it suitable for feeding workpieces onto the working tables. The lifespan of the linear guides and screws is much longer, resulting in better durability. The X, Y, Z, and W axes are all equipped with higher resolution than our competitors due to the advanced AC servo motors, resulting in higher working accuracy. We have a comprehensive MVP production line to meet our customers' various manufacturing challenges. The HD800C is the flagship model of our machine inventory, and it has been praised by manufacturers in the aerospace and automotive sectors. It has a wider working space and can withstand greater weight, making it ideal for hole-drilling EDM applications.

High Resolution AC Servo Motor


The designed X, Y, Z, and W axis are all equipped with higher resolution compared with our competitors due to the advanced AC servo motors, so the working accuracy is much higher.

Hardness Stainless Work Table

In terms of hardware arrangement, we adopt hard stainless working table that offers excellent processing conditions for cutting procedure.

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